Here are some other selected publications, with links as available.

MFA Chapbook



May, 2021 –  “How Writing a Novel is Like Decrypting a Cipher” at LitHub

Short Fiction

November, 2013 –  “A Newcomer’s Guide to the Dog Villages” in Empty Sink

May, 2012 – “Kitten Goes to Sea” in Poydras Review

August, 2011 – “Flicker” and “Moonboy’s Story” in The Light Ekphrastic

April, 2004 – “Up From Tsavo” in MiddleWestern Voice.

April, 2003 – “The Collie Books” in MiddleWestern Voice.


February, 2014 – “High Desert Sutra” and “Monsoon” in The Light Ekphrastic

December, 2013 – “Hardly a Ghost Left to Talk With” and “amo, amas, amat, amamus” in Wilde Magazine

April, 2012 – “Don’t Sleep! Be Firm! Listen!” in Hasting’s Women’s Law Journal.

May, 2010 – “Paper Tiger” in Welter

Spring, 2010 – “Guzzle” and “Gone” in The Light Ekphrastic

May, 2009 – “trans(lation),” in Welter.