Here’s a glimpse of The Stars We Share:

In 1927, orphaned by cholera, eight-year-old Alec Oswin sails from India, leaning on the constellations in the night sky for stability as he wonders what awaits him in England. Meanwhile, in the English fenlands, June Attwell memorizes maps, patterns, and railway timetables, hoping for a future bigger than her father’s vicarage. Alec and June become friends, and, in time, much more. When the Second World War breaks out, Alec joins the RAF, while the Foreign Office sends June to its covert Y-service outposts on the edge of the war-torn Empire. Their post-war reunion is bittersweet: Alec, shot down and imprisoned in a series of POW camps, grapples with his feelings of uselessness. June, on the other hand, has found her calling. And, while Alec carries most of his scars on the outside, June’s are hidden beneath a layer of secrets that will gnaw away at their marriage for decades.

The Stars We Share is forthcoming from Pamela Dorman Books / Viking in Spring 2021.