I’m going to BEA now

I haven’t written in a billion years, dear readers, for which I apologize. Things have been a little crazy out here with all the Wyatt revisions (and by the way, I’d like to mention that having an agent who has a great editorial eye is maybe the best thing ever), and teaching, and thinking about Fenno and Wyatt and all the other ideas, and everything else. I have all these half-drafted posts, and then… Well, obviously not much has happened.

Today I’m writing because it seemed moderately interesting to mention that I’m going to BEA, or BookExpo America, in NYC. This is going to be an awful lot of human interaction, but I think it’ll be okay. If you’re there, say hello. I’m looking forward to it, although I am mildly concerned about sensory overload, tired feet, etc etc.

I mean, this doesn’t look overwhelming at all, does it?



But I’m also stoked for panels like the #WeNeedDiverseBooks panel on Saturday. I’m excited about seeing the authors whose work has continued to explode my brain throughout the years, and the publishers who’ve put that work out there for me.

This year, while I’m going as a book person, I’m mainly going as an educator. Next year, though, who knows? So far, 2014 has been ridiculously interesting and mainly very good; if I am very lucky and very good, maybe the rest of 2014 will follow this pace.

Anyway. I’ll write more soon. I am having a lot of Thoughts about things, but not all of the Thoughts seem to be very well organized just now. We shall see.


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